Tres Waves Film Premiere Ft. Lainney Dizon / by Lainney Dizon

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I absolutely love collaborating for creative projects that inspire me to step my game up. Recently, I had the pleasure to work with film director Larry Rodriguez of Looming Bear Productions in a short film titled Tres Waves. Tres Waves is a series of short stories featuring Los Angeles creatives.

My story, Ratchet Rampage, features a situation we can all relate to: getting parking ticket. The scene opens up in Studio City, where I find out that I parked in a 'no-parking' zone and transitions to me dancing angrily in a warehouse. The scene then goes to me finding peace and serenity at the beach and transitions to flames within a bonfire. Special thanks to my talented producer friends Dakota and V Fresh for providing the dope instrumentals to this fun scene. Watch the feature below: 

A special thank you Larry for allowing me to share my art and dance in this film and thank you to all my close friends and family who came out to support last night at The Colony Theatre! I'm truly blessed to be surrounded by creative and passionate individuals. Check out Looming Bear Productions for upcoming showcases and projects.