Dizon Dreams Share the Importance of Filipino Culture in Food and Family with Buttermilk Co. / by Lainney Dizon


Special thanks to Zoila for allowing Dizon Dreams to be a part of Buttermilk Co's #JustLikeMoms social campaign. 

 Buttermilk Co, a cultural food tech brand based in Seattle started by Mitra Raman, is honoring women and their mothers this Women's History Month through a simple Instagram campaign called #JustLikeMoms. Mitra is the first generation daughter of an Indian immigrant so we are focusing on the relationship between women, their moms and their culture through food. Read on as we share the importance of Filipino culture in our food and family: 

We're born and raised in LA, but our parents came here in the 1980s to find jobs and create a better future together. Filipinos are very food-orientated, so cooking traditional dishes is so important in passing along our family's culture and traditions.

My favorite memory was cooking banana-q with my mom, a fried banana dessert. Also, during the holidays we make lumpia, a traditional Filipino dish. Our auntie usually cooks us pancit or spaghetti during our birthdays because long noodles symbolize a long life. It's a tradition :).

We love cooking! We usually go to an Asian supermarket to get all our ingredients. When we have food traditions it makes me happy to be blessed to have a culture that celebrates food and family and community. These dishes give me feelings of happiness, contentment and joy. I love food and family.