Accel Radio's Str8OutDaTrunk Featuring Lainney Dizon: Hip-Hop & Marketing / by Lainney Dizon

Mic check, one two. Who is this? 

I had the pleasure to join Bankhead and Monte on Accelerated Radio's St8OutDaTrunk to talk about the upcoming The Drop Party and Dizon Dreams creative endeavors in marketing and hip-hop. St8OutDaTrunk is a platform dedicated to featuring entrepreneurs and upcoming artists. The name "Straight Out Da Trunk" is inspired by how back in the day in hip-hop, rappers would sell their mixtape straight from their trunk. The platform similarly is focused on giving the goods to the community and spotlighting people in the industry who are sharing their "mixtapes" or talents with the world. Past episodes include Real 92.3's DJ Carisma, R&B duo THEY and more. 

Funny story: I actually e-mailed Accel Radio last year requesting them to feature one of our artists but didn't hear back. I ended up going to an Adidas event in DTLA and was grooving on the dance floor. Monte and Bankhead were on the dance floor too and I ended up shimmying my way over to them and chatted. They told me about their podcast which is one of the shows on Accel Radio and I told them about my dance parties, and we ended up linking up for this fun interview. Lesson: opportunities are relationship-based. This episode talks about: 

  • How Dizon Dreams first started in marketing and how we found our target niche 
  • How The Drop Party started and the importance of Soul Train lines 
  • My favorite Ja Rule and Ashanti song and why Missy Elliott will always be relevant 
  • The importance of social media marketing for building your brand
  • Knowing the value you bring and stepping up your game with each new client 

Listen to the full episode below. Interview starts at 9:10: 

Thanks for the invite, Monte!