Event Recap: Baarnyard x Dreamers In LA Present Fierce Queens United / by Lainney Dizon

This weekend, I had the pleasure to join Baarnyard and Dreamers in LA's Fierce Queens United, an event dedicated to supporting women in the industry looking to build their personal brand through social media. Building a brand on social media takes consistency, strategy and a keen understanding of who your audience is. Who are they? Where do they consume content? How can you speak to this audience effectively and monetize your passion into something that offers value?  

From discussing the art of the finessing into the DMs or the importance of building relationships before going in for an ask and how to not get lost in the hype, we talked about the good and bad of social media. Moderated by Kennya of Dreamers in LA and Simone of Baarynyard, Fierce Queens United featured myself and fellow boss ladies Audrey Bellis of Worthy Women LLC, Erin Rivera of Huntern and Fox, and Brittany of My Brown Box. Fun fact: I was already following these ladies on social media before I met them. Why? Because game recognizes game. Here are three important take-aways from the panel: 

Getting sponsorship is relationship-based. Utilize LinkedIn to make a mutual connection.
Life is about relationships. When asked what's the best advice for landing sponsorships, Audrey of Worthy Women noted, "I used LinkedIn a lot to secure sponsorship. You need to find people that you have mutual friends with and ask them to introduce you." Keep in mind that there are people in companies whose sole job is to find events to participate in. Use keywords like "integrated marketing" and partner it with a brands you're looking to be sponsored by. Also note which brands sponsor events in your local city and see if their target market matches your event. 

Create more than you consume. 
With social media, it's easy to look at someone else's profile and compare yourself with someone else's success. But guess what? Everyone is showing is the glossy version of their life: There's no struggle. Never compare your Point C to someone else's Point D, everyone is on their own separate journey. Also, it's important to limit the time you spend on social media. Make sure to create content more than you consume if you're focused on building your own personal brand. 

Often value daily through your social platforms, then go for the ask. 
When building your own personal brand, think of who your ideal consumer is. What are their problems? Where do they consume content? What's their preferred social media platform? Answer these questions and strategize your content based how you can best offer value to your audience. For example, Dizon Dreams specializes in social media and event curation. We offer value to our followers by sharing the best LA hip-hop events to attend, and share social media tips in our newsletter. 

Ultimately, building your personal brand takes consistency and strategy. Take the time to know your passions and specialty and use those skills to help others around you. A special thank you to all the queens (and kings!) who attended, Kennya of Dreams In LA and Simone of Baarnyard for inviting me to speak on the panel, Ashley Osborne of Ayeoh Studio for capturing the magic of the event, and my fabulous stylist Jesa Joy of Blankclo!

<3 Lainney