Dizon Dreams Hosts TrapxArt Los ANGELES may 21 at the avalon hollywood / by Lainney Dizon

Dizon Dreams is proud to host the Los Angeles Trap x Art this Saturday, May 21, at the iconic Avalon Hollywood! Based in the Bay Area, California, Trap x Art is a movement that fuses art,  hip hop culture and the spirit of being your own boss. Whether its your career, your art, your life, your beliefs, your body, your anything, the Trap x Art team believes in self expression. Trap x Art events are a celebration of beautifully diverse people, unparalleled live art exhibits showcasing amazingly talented local artists, and of course dope music. Trap x Art events feature musical tributes to adorned artists and self-made record labels of the past and present who embody the essence of our movement. Each event features a new tribute that the music and some of the art will reflect. 

Dizon Dreams spoke with the team behind the movement, Jesse and Amine Brooks, to talk about the inspiration behind the Trap x Art movement, what they love most about Los Angeles, and advice on how aspiring artists can become their own boss:

How did Trap x Art begin and what's the inspiration behind it?

Trap x Art began in 2013. We started promoting parties full time in 2011. It took us two years to stumble upon the concept of trapxart. The Basquiat documentary is what sparked the inspiration to start incorporating art into our events. Once we began to involve art into our events trapxart and the community we began to build began to grow into what it is today. 

TrapxArt is a movement that fuses art, hip hop culture and the spirit of being your own boss. What tips do you give you aspiring artists who are working towards being their own boss?

Have a strong work ethic, and to be creative. We believe if you stay focused on bettering yourself consistently and form good habits positive results will eventually happen. Things might not turn out how you initially envision things to be but if you put in the work we believe you will end up where you should be.

What do you love about LA? And how does the vibe differ from where you originated the series in the Bay?

LA is a special place for us. We lived in LA prior to the formation of Trap x Art back in 2010. I was interning at Atlantic Records and Amina was working retail at Nordstroms. When I was living in LA I had dreams of being the next big music mogul which didn't work out, but as I said before things may not always go how you envision it but if you put in the work you will be where you want to be. Everyone in LA is trying to make it. I love that. People from all over come to LA with dreams of becoming the next big thing. I also like how many media outlets are in LA. 

LA and the Bay are different for so many reasons. LA has Hollywood the Bay has the tech world. LA has gang culture, the Bay has mob culture, we had the hyphy movement too which I think has set undertones in the swag of people from the bay. The Contrast between the bay and la is huge but I also think we are like first cousins. We are on the same coast. Pac made that clear.

Original interview via LA Pulse Magazine. RSVP for the debut of TrapxArt in Los Angeles on May 21, 2017. Use code "dizondreams" for $5 off your tickets here