Myx TV Premieres "My Motto" Digital Series On January 17! / by Lainney Dizon

Living in Los Angeles, I'm often surrounded with talkers. These are the people who say they want to do something, but more often than not, talk more than they do. Working with TV clients, Dizon Dreams biggest goal this year is to include diversity in media. Brown people have a special narrative to share and it's coming to Myx TV's digital series January 17.  "My Motto" is a Youtube original series featuring Asian American go-getters determined to build the kind of live they want to live.  Watch the trailer below: 

From touring with Jay-Z to winning an Emmy for dance, "My Motto" features an amazing group of Asian-Americans who highlight the importance of creating your own path. Their journey highlights the risks involved: from being nearly rejected by their parents to leaving financial stability, they show that it's better to risk something rather than to live average. When was the last time you had to risk something and got something even better in return? 

Fail, risk, and believe in your journey. Live your dreams. What's the point of being average?  Watch "My Motto" coming to Myx TV January 17th.