5 Tips To Achieve Limitless Living with Jon Herrera / by Lainney Dizon

You can be cautious or you can be creative and limitless (but there's no such thing as a cautious creative). On Tuesday, September 29, life coach Jon Herrera hosted a live Q&A on Limitless Living and listeners from around the world tuned in to hear his advice on how to break through the barriers and achieve the I’M in (Im)possible. Expand on your own definition of success and tap into your true potential.

Here are Jon Herrera’s 5 tips to achieve limitless living: 

5. "Don't listen to your parents. Follow your heart. Follow what you really love to do." 

Your intuition never lies. If something speaks to heart, choose to listen. Though your parents have the best intentions, only you can put actions towards what you are destined to do and create.  Your parents (and those around you) won't understand a vision that comes to you in your sleep, so choose each day to manifest your passions, regardless of others opinions. 

4."People don't realize they're in the way of their own success. Move forward and figure it out." 

Jon built his legacy on making an impact.  What can you do to move forward to your vision today? Figure it out. Success is waiting for you to act on it. 

3. "Everything you want has already been done. Read a book. Understand what they did to make it happen."  

Whether you want to be a millionaire or you want to create your own business, every dream that you dream is tangible with hard work, persistence and research. There are books to read and people who have already done what you want to do. Research the goals you have and plant seeds in order to turn your vision into a reality. 

2. "Knowledge is different than manifesting. There's the law of emotion and action." 

"Knowledge is nothing unless it’s applied.” Jon suggests. To manifest a dream, you need to take action. What are you waiting for? The law of emotion encourages you to feel success as if it has already happened. Once you envision that reality, you’ll work towards making it happen. Don’t be afraid to start, sometimes it takes 100 steps to get to your goal. As long as you’re moving forward the vision continuously, it will turn into reality in due time. 

1. Give first. Add value. Ask Later.

Jon suggests that the best way to become friends and find mentors (such as Diddy) is to “give first and add value to their brand.” What can you do to contribute to their brand? Whether it hosting a party or helping with an event, successful people will always want to work with those who give. Give first, then ask later. 

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