Erykah Badu Decoded: A Conversation with Ms. BADU / by Lainney Dizon

Self-described as a ‘mother first’, Badu is a touring DJ, producer, director, activist, holistic healer, doula, bgirl, observer and evolving artist. Most recently, Erykah had the world beaming with the release of her new self-composed mixtape of “carefully and lovingly-selected” vintage jazz and funk. A project she dedicated to a world in need of healing. Including a special encryption on the cover of her mixtape, Ms. Badu encouraged her fans to reach her on her 'hotline'.

Dizon Dreams cracked the code of Badu's hotline and touched on topics from her favorite album and thoughts of hip-hop’s current state. Check out the conversation with Ms. Badu below:

You’re a true light in the industry and always honest. How do you inspire your creativity on a daily basis?

Peace and light, thank you. I just let it happen and if I’m not being or feeling creative I just let that flow as well, because  that means it’s downloading period and that means it’s a time where I’m not supposed to be creating, I’m supposed to be learning and you know, creating inside. When it’s ready to come out, it will.

That’s real. What music are you digging now, any favorite albums on rotation?

That’s a mean question to ask. That’s mean because there’s so much great stuff, but the album I’m listening to currently right now is Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon because I really like it a lot.

Any suggestions for those looking to develop and holistic mindset?

Let’s break down ‘holistic’ and what that means. Holistic is ‘mind, body, and spirit.’ If you’re looking to develop that holistic mindset you gotta pay attention to the company you keep. Pick your friends like you pick your food. you want to eat the best thing for your body, start there and see what happens.

What direction do you think hip-hop is headed to?

Hip-hop is not some big monster, it’s the people. I believe hip-hop will take the direction of the people. that’s where hip-hop is gonna go, it’s our politics, and don’t get it twisted, rap is something you do. hip-hop is something you live.