Philippine Fashion Week 2015: 'Rebel Collection' with Kaye Morales / by Lainney Dizon


Bright spotlights on the runway, stages filled with fearless designs, anticipation of what's to come in the air. Welcome to Philippine Fashion Week, a week dedicated to embracing and displaying the best of Philippine fashion. The City of Dreams Manila played host to the collections, a perfect city embraced by Dizon Dreams.  We got a chance to meet-up with designer Kaye Morales as she talked about the 'Rebel' collection, the beauty of creating honest stories, and what 'rebel' means to her.  

Drawing inspiration from her own struggles as a woman, Morales shared, "I'm a lesbian and I want to be open about myself while making the fashion industry a welcoming place for all types of people. I want others to understand the different types of sexuality, especially mine, as I come out in this industry." This is my revolution of self. A statement that's grounded from the things that I love pushed forth by courage that I have mustered while living far too long in the darkness of expectations.. and like any honest story-- it's going to be beautiful. 

'Rebel' takes streetwear, as done by Morales, a notch higher with creations that are an eclectic mix of neoprene, leather, denim, and tulle made for different types of men and women,  and inspired by key facets of her own personality - feminine, sporty, and rocker chic. 

Cheers to all the fearless , wonderful and extravagant Filipino designers committed to their artistic vision!