Finding My Lane: Julian Mitchell of Forbes / by Lainney Dizon

Name: Julian Mitchell
Hustle: Multimedia Content Creator

“Get paid to be yourself.” It’s the mantra Julian Mitchell lives. From creating and developing award-winning campaigns in advertising, then spearheading the digital blueprint of Revolt Media & TV, to now producing thoughtful cultural pieces for Forbes and Huffington Post — Julian Mitchell is a digital storyteller committed to progressing the culture. What was the foundation for Julian’s success? It was his commitment to using his platforms to make a positive impact. Behind the Hustle spoke with Julian to understand what lessons helped him find his lane and purpose. Learn from Julian’s journey to fulfill your vision of living your dream career:

Speak your vision into existence. 

As a student at Occidental College, Julian used his voice and hustle to bring a more diverse set of artists and cultural experiences to campus. From the concept to execution, Julian proved to make things happen consistently, eventually taking on the role as Event Director. Between classes, he would be meeting with the programming board, key administrators, and student committees with proposals and outlines to assure each vision came to life. People recognized his grind, and he became known as go-to guy for events. His non-stop drive compelled some to even comment that he would probably end up working for Diddy one day. Yet, Julian would confidently reply, “I’m going to work with Diddy.” Years later, it came into fruition with the launch of Revolt TV. When you believe something, your actions align accordingly, and the world listens. Is your work ethic protecting your destiny? Prepare and don’t quit.

Develop a passion for your own self-growth. 

“Growing up I was inspired by different magazines and television shows I’d watch constantly; everything from VIBE and XXL, to The Source and BET back in the day. I immersed myself in the culture early on, and being culturally curious was always a part of me.” As an English major, Julian recognized the power of writing and developed a passion for challenging perspectives. Ignited with a passion to begin working in editorial, Julian moved to New York and began hustling. He arrived without a job, no real plan, but used every opportunity he had to show his value. Through persistence, Julian landed a marketing gig and that he used as a stepping stone to create editorial content, writing features and vivid thought pieces about the music and culture of New York. Challenge yourself and live outside your comfort zone, that’s where the magic happens.

Find a unique gift that you can offer the world and the culture you represent. 

What inspires you? What makes you feel the fullest version of yourself? For Julian, he found his purpose in using the multitude of his talents as a creator to express his perspective, challenge popular opinion, and add new value to elevate the culture. Julian’s advice on finding your purpose: “Follow that instinct that’s connected to the force of life; the mission that ignites your spirit and makes you light up? That intuition can’t steer you wrong, and you’ll realize how powerful you are when you follow your purpose.” From writing to teaching and expressing himself through words, Julian uses these tools to translate a message to people and elevate the culture. What gifts do you have that the world needs?

Ultimately, living in your purpose and getting paid to yourself takes hustle, determination and consistency. Never limit yourself or settle for less than exceptional, because there’s purpose in your struggle. When you’re committed to fulfilling your mission, you’ll surprise yourself how far you can go.